Amazing stuff - Posted by Jacqueline W (Canada) on 14th Oct
My daughter struggled with diagnosed molluscum contagiosum for over a year on her face. We tried everything and were about to go have an invasive procedure done at a dermatologist when Facebook suggested this stuff. After two applications it's completely gone. It's been a month and nothing has come back. So happy with this product.

Really works! - Posted by Danny F (California) on 6th Sep
The oil with the patches worked for my daughter. They will speed up the recovery.

AMAZING!!!!! - Posted by Summer (Sydney) on 1st Aug
I was sceptical that anything could fix these spots on my 3 yr old daughter, as her spots were getting worse and covering most of her body. I purchased the sensitive bottle and the patches and within the first 24 hours you could see a difference and within a week 70% were gone and within 3 weeks she was spot free!! I could not believe how well that worked and how we had put up with these spots for so long. Dont delay and definitely purchase this product its amazing.


All Natural

Mollenol lotion comes in two strengths.

Mollenol Sensitive is a lotion and is for children 2-7 years old and the face and private parts of adults.

Mollenol full strength lotion is for older children and adults but not their faces and private parts.

Mollenol Patches are hydrocolloid patches and can be used anywhere on the body including the face though they do not stick well to hairy areas. Mollenol Patches are best for pus filled bumps.

Mollenol Patches and Mollenol lotions can be used together. Most people use Mollenol in that way.

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