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Help using Mollenol

Here is our online How to Use:

If you need help using Mollenol please include a close-up, high-resolution photo (only 1 or 2) of the infection and email:

Our help team is here to assist you get the best result using Mollenol.

In the email, let us know some details about the treatment you have been undertaking. Inform us about:

How old the person is?

Where and how many lesions?

How many times per day are you applying Mollenol?

How are you applying Mollenol lotion: q-tip, fingertips, or?

Are you using Mollenol Patches or bandaids to cover the  bumps after you apply Mollenol?

Are you applying any other lotions or creams (eg moisturisers, anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory lotions)?

Take the photos in good light with a steady hand so they are not blurred. 

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