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    Mollenol Sensitive for children 4 and under as well as sensitive areas on older children and adults.

    Mollenol Sensitive 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

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    Mollenol Sensitive is 100% natural and gentle on healthy skin. Apply 1-2 times daily to molluscum bumps.  It has been formulated for children aged 4 years and under and for...
  • For persistant, widespread molluscum contagiosum infection. Recommended for older children and adults.

    Mollenol 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

    Use Mollenol for general application and Mollenol Sensitive for infants 4 years old and younger and for sensitive areas on older children and adults. Mollenol is 100% natural and gentle on...
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    Molluscum contagiosum treatment with Mollenol 25ml and Mollenol Sensitive 25ml.

    Mollenol & Mollenol Sensitive Pack

    The Mollenol Pack includes 1 x Mollenol 25ml/0.85 fl oz and 1 x Mollenol Sensitive 25ml/0.85 fl oz. Ideal for children over 4 years and adults. Mollenol is all natural. For children 4 years...
Reviews of Mollenol and Mollenol Sensitive - molluscum contagiosum treatment (mulloscum treatment).