Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches

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  • High quality pectin hydrocolloid patches. 22 patches per sheet. 4 sheets per pack. Total 88 patches: 72 x 15mm round patches plus 8 x 20mm round patches plus 8 x 20mmx30mm rectangular patches.
  • Box of 88 patches. Mix of bigger, thicker high quality patches: 72 x 15mm round patches plus 8 x 20mm round patches plus 8 x 20mmx30mm rectangular patches.
  • Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches. A mix of bigger, thicker high quality hydrocolloid patches
  • Big, thick hydrocolloid patches.
  • Bigger, thicker, better. Total of 88 patches per pack. Mollenol hydrocolloid patches.
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Generous pack of 88 patches. Hydrocolloid patches draw out pus, cover, protect, and limit spread. 

Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches are BIGGER, thicker hydrocolloid patches infused with tea tree & clove.

Apply Mollenol Patches to larger bumps to draw out pus, reducing the size and quickening resolution of the lesion. Mollenol Patches can be applied to the face and body but do not stick well to hairy or creased areas. 

Use Mollenol Patches alone or after applying Mollenol lotion to cover, protect and minimise the spread of the infection.

Mollenol Patches are waterproof and are best kept on during a shower to help limit the spread of molluscum.

Mix of bigger, thicker high quality patches:

- 72 x 15mm round patches plus

- 8 x 20mm round patches plus

- 8 x 20mmx30mm rectangular patches.

Bigger patches to cover large bumps. Thicker to absorb more pus.

All patches are 0.45mm thick - the thickest blemish patch available.

All patches contain pectin hydrocolloid with natural tea tree and clove oil. Can be used alone or with Mollenol Sensitive and Mollenol lotion.

Simply the best hydrocolloid patch in the world.

Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches are suitable for all ages, infant to adult and while pregnant or breastfeeding.





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Additional Information

Hydrocolloid skin patch with clove & tea tree. For all ages. Use alone or with Mollenol lotion.
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44 Reviews

  • 5
    Only treatment that works

    Posted by Joy (British Columbia) on 25th Nov 2022

    For months my 4year old daughter was suffering from Molluscum & doctors said there was absolutely nothing we could do. We tried all home remedies recommended, as well as other ordered online treatments & it was getting much worse, especially since she also has eczema that complicated it. Finally we tried the sensitive Mollenol & patches & although got worse for a few days it was obvious it was working differently so we pressed on & within a couple weeks it was completely gone & has not returned!! We were so pleased it didn’t even cause a problem with her eczema which is gone there too now! She was even becoming self-conscious of it & although we wanted to keep covered anyways since contagious, she was embarrassed & so sad getting dressed saying “I don’t want my friends to see my arm so I need long sleeves.” When it was finally gone she squealed with delight “My rash is gone Mommy, it’s gone, it’s really gone!!”. We will definitely recommend this to everyone told there’s supposedly no treatment as there certainly is! My only complaint is how long it took to get mailed to us as wish we could’ve gotten it faster, or better yet knew of it much sooner- so hopefully doctors eventually recommend this cure! Response: Sorry you thought the shipment was slow. Shipments to Canada come from our Utah warehouse and your order took the standard 8 business days to arrive.

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Bridget (Australia) on 6th Nov 2022

    My 2 year old had molluscum on his bottom, back and chest area for about a year and dr said they would take over 2 years to go away. Used the patches and within a month they have completely gone!

  • 5
    Very effective-HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    Posted by Libby (Sydney) on 27th Oct 2022

    Ive been using the sensitive oil and patches on my 8 year old who has had molluscum for 12 months. Once we began treatment, the molluscum moved through their cycle within days and began to clear up. I tried oil and bandaids when i ran out of patches, but the patches are much better. They stay attached to the skin better and are almost unnoticeable. They are perfect for my 6 year -who also caught the molluscum- as she doesnt tolerate the oil.

  • 5
    So far so good

    Posted by Stephanie S (Washington) on 21st Oct 2022

    I was skeptical but they are getting under control. These patches help keep the infection from spreading. They are also good for my kid's sensitive skin.

  • 5
    Amazing! Definitely recommend

    Posted by Charlie (Cambridgeshire) on 20th Oct 2022

    After two doctors told us just to leave our sons Molluscum we decided to still go ahead and try and treat the condition. Absolutely blown away with how well this works. I used Molludab first from a pharmacy in the UK where I live but it had no effect, now only a couple of weeks on from using these patches and the ointment he is molluscum free! I would recommend buying this and definitely treating as leaving it only caused them to spread more and they last for years! Really happy with this product and would buy again!

  • 5
    Waiting it out was not an option

    Posted by Florencia M (Florida) on 9th Oct 2022

    This product worked for us! After struggling for so many months trying different things, even our pediatrician couldn't help us, I'm so grateful for this product. My son had big ones on his neck and they were starting to form on his face. Waiting it out was not an option.

  • 5
    Molluscum gone

    Posted by Randy ( Michigan) on 30th Sep 2022

    my daughter had this skin issue for awhile and the doctor said that their was no treatment and that it will just go away. Well after almost 2 years and lost of frustration with the doctor Ifound this product and figured that we should try it well a month later it's cleared out and no more molluscum. Thank you so much I will definitely recommend this to anyone that is having molluscum. 5 stars all the way

  • 5
    Patches and oil worked a treat!

    Posted by Sam L (Perth) on 17th Sep 2022

    My 9 year old son got molluscum on the back of his arm/shoulder and ended up with a big, unsightly cluster that ended up spreading down his side and arms. I discovered mollenol oil and patches and started putting that on him. I got into a routine of applying twice a day and then all of a sudden we could see them starting to heal. They are all completely gone now. Soo happy with this product!

  • 5
    Really works!

    Posted by Danny F (California) on 6th Sep 2022

    The oil with the patches worked for my daughter. Get these if you need to get rid of molluscum. They will speed up the recovery.

  • 2

    Posted by Sarah Parsonson on 16th Aug 2022

    Didn’t work for us, but I’m sure others may find it useful if it works for them. Response: Mollenol Patches are primarily for pus filled bumps and that Mollenol Sensitive lotion is best for general use and works best for clusters of small molluscum bumps. Our help team have contacted you to offer assistance.

  • 5

    Posted by Katie on 10th Aug 2022

    Would give 10 stars if I could. Our toddler had mollescum all over her face, back, and stomach. The amount of spots were just spreading, and the pediatrician told us to just wait it out. Purchased these patches on a whim, and within a few weeks it got rid of all of the spots! Fast shipping as well. If you’re on the fence, go for it! You won’t regret it.

  • 5
    Amazing !!

    Posted by Abbie (Norwich, UK) on 8th Aug 2022

    I bought these patches for my 15 month old daughter, she had been suffering with these big white spots that were spreading and causing discomfort for over 2 months. We went to the doctors and they all said the same which was to leave it and it could take up to 18 months to clear. The spots were on her chest and start to spread up her neck and face, I couldn’t leave it any longer which is when I found these patches. I found the directions on how to best use them on the website so used Apple cider vinegar and washed off in the bath before applying the patches. After just 2 weeks the spots are virtually all gone and just small flat marks on her skin. I can’t tell you how amazing these patches work if used correctly, it’s been a complete game changer and will recommend to anyone who suffers with the same. Thank you so much I am so glad I found these, my daughter is so much happier!

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