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About Mollenol

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The best treatment for molluscum contagiosumMollenol contains Eugen Oil, a natural derivative of clove and coconut.

Mollenol is quick acting and effective. It has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. The active ingredients are eugenol, acetyl eugenol and lauric acid.

Mollenol is 100% natural and is made in Australia by Jeva Laboratories Pty Ltd.

Mollenol and Mollenol Sensistive have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for international use

Mollenol ships world-wide.

Extensive molluscum infection on the back

Case Study: 7 year old boy with extensive molluscum on his back.Advice: while good progress has been made it has taken a little time and there is still some time to go.Concentrate on the largest molluscum bumps.Wash over the child's back with apple cider vinegar before showering. Leave the ACV on for a few minutes.After [...]

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Slight inflammation generally a good sign

The inflammation around the molluscum is very slight. It appears to be an immune response to the application of Mollenol with inflammation around the molluscum infected areas.The surrounding bumps are not all beginning molluscum as such. They appear to be molluscum dermatitis. Note that they appear “scaly” and a bit shiny.EXTENSIVE MOLLUSCUM INFECTIONIf molluscum is not [...]

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Ear infected with molluscum

Molluscum on the ear generally has a thick layer of skin with limited depth to the molluscum bump. As a result the molluscum looks more like a boil or lesion. Molluscum on the ear often needs 4 treatments of Mollenol per day.

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Thigh infection

This is a straight forward infection on the leg and inner thigh. Infection in this area often spreads to both legs as they are so often in contact. Generally, molluscum are small and flat because of the regular fiction.

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Extensive molluscum

Here we see many molluscum in an advanced stage. Four applications of Mollenol have started to inflame the larger bumps. The extensive spread of this infection requires several weeks of treatment.

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Molluscum in a scratch line

A child has been scratched and the molluscum virus has entered the dermis and grown over several weeks. This is quite common especially in eczema sufferers. These bumps were treated with Mollenol soon after developing and are starting to scab and die off.

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Bumps under hair

Hair has been carefully trimmed with scissors to expose the mature molluscum bumps. Ideally molluscum like this are covered with bandaids.

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Stubborn Molluscum

These type of molluscum must be covered with a large bandaid or you risk spreading the skin virus more widely. Apply Mollenol and leave a large bandaid covering for two days or so. Do this to 2-4 of the biggest bumps first. The bumps on the side of the body need urgent treatment. Apply Mollenol to the other [...]

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Inflamed molluscum

Some people prefer to test Mollenol on a single molluscum lesion. Here they have used a bandaid to cover their largest molluscum. This concentrates the Mollenol and speed cure.The inflammation indicates the molluscum is dying off. 

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