Mollenol Sensitive 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

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Topical lotion applied to skin for children aged 4 years and under and for sensitive areas on older children and adults for application on the face and "private parts".
  • Mollenol Sensitive for children 4 and under as well as sensitive areas on older children and adults.
  • Mollenol Sensitive is an effective treatment for molluscum contagiosum on children and on the genitals of adults. Naturally effective.
  • Molluscum cluster after 1 application of Mollenol Sensitive.
  • After 4 applications of Mollenol Sensitive.
  • After 7 applications skin healing.


Mollenol Sensitive is 100% natural and gentle on healthy skin. Apply 1-2 times daily to molluscum bumps. 

It has been formulated for children aged 4 years and under and for application on sensitive areas of the body especially the face and "private parts" of children and adults.

Mollenol Sensitive is listed in the ARTG (AUST L 235288) and by the FDA (NDC 72269-20-01). The ARTG is equivalent to the US FDA and the UK MHRA.

Mollenol is all natural containing no mixers or stabilising additives. Mollenol is made by Jeva Laboratories Pty Ltd to the highest standards in licensed, quality controlled GMP accredited facilities in both Australia and the USA. The facilities are FDA and TGA registered in compliance with all GMP regulations to ensure uniform quality and safety. 

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92 Reviews

  • 5
    Great results

    Posted by Milly on 18th Feb 2020

    My son used this product on his face, under his eye. After a 2 weeks redness had gone down and after one month lumps have shrunk. Very happy with this amazing product. So thankful to have found it.

  • 5
    Mollenol is incredible

    Posted by joelene on 16th Feb 2020

    Mollenol worked like magic for us. I think we started it at the perfect time but it was honestly overnight success for us. Thank you so so so much!!!

  • 4
    Persistance worked

    Posted by Chelsea on 16th Feb 2020

    Doctors said nothing would work and it could stay around for years so we tried mollenol. It wasn’t quick but persistence paid off and approx four weeks of day and night application with bandaids on the worst sections it disappeared! So relieved I found this product.

  • 5
    Great product!Fixed the problem within 6 weeks

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2020

    This product is honestly so effective.
    Cleared the molluscum within 6 weeks

  • 5
    Mollenol Sensitive for a 20 month old

    Posted by Alison on 7th Feb 2020

    This product is great, I only wish I'd found it sooner. It gets rid of new mollescums quickly but the larger more mature ones are harder to shift but worth the perseverance. I have been using on my 20 month old son for a month and the last one is about to fall off. Just be sure to follow the instructions.

  • 1
    Did not recieve

    Posted by Amy Buell on 5th Feb 2020

    I ordered this over a month ago and have not received the product.

    Response: Thanks for letting us know though you should have contacted us sooner. We will replace your order immediately and it will arrive within a few days.

  • 5

    Posted by Bailey on 30th Jan 2020

    Unfortunately, I got MC about a year ago and haven’t seemed to be able to get rid of it remotely until ordering this product. After using it twice a day I saw SIGNIFICANT results in about a week. I almost cried of happiness. I have extremely sensitive skin, so the things I was trying were giving me even worse rashes, but this product has been wonderful. Thank you to the makers for giving me some peace and self confidence back.

  • 5
    Mollenol sensitive 25ML

    Posted by Stephen on 29th Jan 2020

    I kept going back and forth to the doctors for cryotherapy, which kept leaving scares on me and the warts kept spreading . In my desperation I looked up on the internet and saw MOLLENOL and I ordered it. I started treatment and in just 5 days of usage of Mollenol Sensitive EVERY MOLLUSCUM on my genitals was gone!!!! I will advice everyone to use this product and don’t waste your time on endless visits to cryotherapy that scares and spreads the warts. Great product!!!

  • 5
    4 year old son

    Posted by Patricia on 23rd Jan 2020

    This works! My son I 4 years old used it for about three weeks everyday and they all went away. Now he is completely clear. Went to his pediatrician and told he would outgrow but never happened so looked for other options. I would 100 percent recommend this product.

  • 4
    Worked well

    Posted by Jess on 6th Jan 2020

    Very easy to use and have alot left over.

  • 5
    Genital molluscum bumps

    Posted by Thankful on 30th Dec 2019

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Amazing. This product saved me. I contracted genital molluscum and I have no idea where or how. Within a few days I had up to 50 plus pimples on abdomen and genitals.

    Zero help from GP’s and dermatologist other then wait and don’t touch others. They had no creams and no advice.

    I googled and found your website. Once package arrived after 3 days applying 3 times a day they started to dry up and the white cores started to come out. Then I started doing only at night.


    Reading reports online from forums I thought the worst. But your product saved me. It should be in pharmacies!!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Lorena Budini on 5th Dec 2019

    This product is absolutely amazing. Even my skin specialist could not believe the results. I wish I had received this in the mail before the doctor froze off some of the blisters.

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