Molluscum contagiosum treatment for babies and children.

Children can have molluscum for a long time. Scientific research has found 50% of children have molluscum for at least one year.9
A separate study of molluscum contagiosum in children and infants found:

  •  the average length of molluscum infection is 13 months;
  •  30% of children suffer for 18 months;
  •  13% still have unresolved molluscum lesions at 24 months; and
  •  molluscum infection is transmitted to other children in 41% of families.8

Several medical studies indicate that children prone to atopic dermatitis and eczema have more molluscum lesions that last longer.4,13 Other studies have shown an association with swimming and bath sharing and molluscum.10,11,12

Use Mollenol for molluscum on children

How ever your child caught the molluscum virus, there is no need to wait it out.

Two year old boy used Mollenol Sensitive*
Molluscum contagiosum on leg of 2 year old boy. Treatment for molluscum contagiosum leg of 2 year old boy. Molluscum contagiosum on the leg of 2 year old boy.
After 1 days* After 4 days* After 7 days*

Use Mollenol Sensitive for children 2 to 7 years. Mollenol Sensitive should also be used on sensitive areas (face, under arms, back of knees, and private parts) of children and adults. Mollenol standard is for children 8 years and above for general application.

Apply Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches to pus filled bumps to absorb the pus and limited the spread. Mollenol Patches are infused with tea tree and clove and can be used in conjunction with Mollenol Sensitive or alone. Mollenol Patches can be used for all ages including children under 2 years old (see our Infants section).

Get working quickly

If your child only has a few molluscum bumps get working quickly to stop the spread. The spread of molluscum, the viral contagion, increases the number of bumps and lesions, and the length of time until resolution. Friends and family become more likely to be infected with molluscum.  

We are here to help

Our caring team is here to support you, email

Feel confident with Mollenol

Mollenol, Mollenol Sensitive and Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches are made to the highest standards in quality certified manufacturing facilities from all natural ingredients. 

TestimonialWe were so pleased a friend recommended Mollenol Sensitive when our 6 year old developed  molluscum contagiosum. Results overnight with obvious healing & no harsh ingredients. Resolved within 3 weeks. Our 3 year old then came out in 2-3 spots & the Mollenol Sensitive nipped it in the bud super quick, hers completely resolved within days. Our GP was so impressed ... she made a note to inform her colleagues of the product as she had never seen such effective results from a topical treatment. Thank you Mollenol! (Janette, Bristol)* ... more Mollenol Sensitive reviews 


Your Treatment Options:


  • For Children
    Mollenol Sensitive for children as well as sensitive areas adults.
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    Mollenol Sensitive 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

    Molluscum contagiosum treatment formulated for children 2-7 years old and "private parts" and other sensitive areas for adults. Sensitive areas include face, under arms, and when eczema present.  Topical lotion applied to skin. For...
    For ages 2-7 years. In stock. Free shipping Australia and USA; Canada, NZ & world flat rate: US$8-$12
    Topical lotion applied to skin. For children aged 2-7 years and for adult face and "private parts".
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  • Infants + All Ages
    Bigger, thicker, better. Total of 88 patches per pack. Mollenol hydrocolloid patches.
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    Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches

    Generous pack of 88 patches. Hydrocolloid patches draw out pus, cover, protect, and limit spread.  Mollenol Hydrocolloid Patches are BIGGER, thicker hydrocolloid patches infused with tea tree & clove. Apply Mollenol Patches to larger...
    For all ages. In stock. Free shipping Australia and USA; Canada, NZ & world flat rate: US$8-$12
    Hydrocolloid skin patch with clove & tea tree. For all ages. Use alone or with Mollenol lotion.
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