Mollenol Sensitive 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

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Topical lotion applied to skin for children aged 6 years and under and for sensitive areas on older children (neck, underarms, etc) and adults for application on the face and "private parts".
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  • Mollenol Sensitive for children 6 and under as well as sensitive areas on older children and adults.
  • Mollenol Sensitive is an effective treatment for molluscum contagiosum on children and on the genitals of adults. Naturally effective.
  • Molluscum cluster after 1 application of Mollenol Sensitive.
  • After 4 applications of Mollenol Sensitive.
  • After 7 applications skin healing.
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Molluscum contagiosum treatment formulated for children 6 years old and younger. For sensitive areas on older children and adults. Sensitive areas including the face, private parts, under arms, and when eczema and best molluscum are present.

Mollenol Sensitive is 100% natural and gentle on healthy skin. Apply 2 times daily to molluscum bumps. 

Mollenol Sensitive is listed in the ARTG (AUST L 235288) and by the FDA (NDC 72269-20-01). The ARTG is equivalent to the US FDA and the UK MHRA.

Mollenol is all natural containing no mixers, stabilising additives or parabens. Mollenol is made by Jeva Laboratories Pty Ltd to the highest standards in licensed, quality controlled GMP accredited facilities in both Australia and the USA. The facilities are FDA and TGA registered in compliance with all GMP regulations to ensure uniform quality and safety. 

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160 Reviews

  • 5
    Mollenol Sensitive

    Posted by Abby (Victoria) on 13th Jan 2021

    Can not recommend this product more! My daughter had so many molluscum spots over her legs, arms, stomach and back. We tried everything before this oil. We were determined for it to work. We put the oil on every spot morning and night for a good 3 weeks. The spots definitely get worse before they get better but it does work if you keep consistent with applying the oil morning and night. It took a good month for the spots and scars to go but they did go. It’s been over 2 months now where we haven’t seen 1 spot come back. Best product ever!

  • 5

    Posted by Charise W ( New Zealand) on 12th Jan 2021

    My poor daughter has had mollascus for well over a year and nothing worked It flamed you and got really bad I combined this product with the duct tape theory to start a rash around the ones not quite there Within a few days I noticed a difference within 2 weeks the infection was gone and all remained was discoloured skin from larger core areas but 6 weeks on that has completely gone I’m so incredibly grateful for this amazing product!!!

  • 5
    So effective cleared all problems

    Posted by Janelle P (New South Wales) on 10th Jan 2021

    great product

  • 4
    Starting to clear

    Posted by Sarah A (Michigan) on 4th Jan 2021

    First thing to start to clear my baby’s mollescum. I will continue to use!

  • 5
    Soon noticed improvement

    Posted by Alexandra O (New South Wales) on 29th Dec 2020

    We used this product morning and night for my 4 month old baby; his skin cleared up totally within about 6-8 weeks. We noticed an improvement soon after starting treatment.

  • 5

    Posted by Rachel P (Victoria) on 28th Dec 2020

    Best product I have used. Cleared up my sons molleacums in approx 1 week. He had up to 12 sores and they were all gone and have not yet come back. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Severe case

    Posted by Shelby P (Ontario) on 24th Dec 2020

    This product really works. Thank goodness!! My son had a severe case as his rash was misdiagnosed in the beginning. I was desperate and trying every home remedy out there... but once I started using Mollenol his rash was gone in 3 weeks. Can’t thank you enough.

  • 1
    Unfortunately didn't work

    Posted by Sue R (Australia) on 16th Dec 2020

    I'd read all the great reviews for Mollenol online so bought for my 3.5yr old son who's had the lesions on the back of his legs for 8 months. Unfortunately, after 3 months of applying 2 times a day every day to the area there has been no improvement and all the dots are in the same place and state. Hopefully, he's the exception rather than the norm and it works better on others. Response: Our support team will contact you directly to help you get better results.

  • 5
    Advanced molluscum for 2 years

    Posted by Rachel (Adelaide) on 7th Dec 2020

    My daughter had advanced molluscum, she had suffered it for over 2 years and it was widespread across her upper thighs and it was tracking down and had also moved to her arms. Mollenol was my last resort before consulting a specialist. We used it carefully, 3 times a day for at least two months and were relived when the lesions started to fade in severity and heal. Now she has faint patches and no raised or broken areas anymore. I was heavily reserved of this product but it 100% works and I couldn’t be more grateful. Response: thank you for your feedback. Those faint marks are called hyper pigmentation and are common after molluscum heals. They will fade with time.

  • 4
    Mollenol sensitive

    Posted by Gwen S (Ontario) on 7th Dec 2020

    Worked well, took awhile to clear up

  • 5
    Cleared up a serious case

    Posted by Dana M (Georgia) on 7th Dec 2020

    We had been to the doctor 2 times to try and clear up our 4 year old daughters molluscum infection. She had probably 50-100 bumps on each rib cage and the treatment at the doctors office only made them painful and worse. We switched to molenol out of desperation and it started clearing the bumps within a week or two. After two-three months with a few breaks to limit skin irritation she has clear skin. It’s amazing!!

  • 5
    Bumps disappeared

    Posted by Kasia (Ontario) on 6th Dec 2020

    Purchased this product in hopes of clearing the bumps off of my son’s legs, arms, and stomach area. The back of his legs were most effected but the bumps were spreading and showed no sign on clearing on their own or stopping. Doctor gave us the same story as I’ve read from others searching for a solution - “it will get worse before it gets better; it may take months before you see any improvement; there is nothing we can do it’s viral.” My son was uncomfortable and kept scratching esp at night even all covered up. The bumps were horrible and there were so many. Started using Mollenol and within a couple of weeks we started to notice the bumps were drying up. Within another few weeks the bumps were gone entirely. The bumps disappeared leaving only red marks on his skin but those too eventually went away. His skin is perfect now. I am so happy I tried this product. Would recommend to anyone. It has a strong smell (very pleasant tho - herbs).

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