Mollenol 25ml (0.85 fl oz)

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Topical lotion applied to the skin for adults and children aged 7 and older.
  • For persistant, widespread molluscum contagiosum infection. Recommended for older children and adults.
  • Mollenol is an effective treatment for molluscum contagiosum. Naturally effective.
  • Large pus filled molluscum lesion prior to treatment with Mollenol.
  • After 2 applications of one drop of Mollenol and bandage.
  • After 4 applications of Mollenol.


Use Mollenol only for adults and children 7 years old and above. Use Mollenol Sensitive for infants 6 years old and younger and for private parts and all sensitive areas on older children and adults.

Mollenol, molluscum contagiosum treatment, is 100% natural and gentle on healthy skin. Apply 2 times daily to molluscum bumps.

Mollenol is listed in the ARTG (AUST L 235300) and the FDA (NDC 72269-019-01). The ARTG is equivalent to the US FDA and the UK MHRA.

Mollenol is all natural containing no mixers, stabilising additives or parabens. Mollenol is made by Jeva Laboratories Pty Ltd to the highest standards in licensed, quality controlled GMP accredited facilities in both Australia and the USA. The facilities are FDA and TGA registered in compliance with all GMP regulations to ensure uniform quality and safety. 

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115 Reviews

  • 2
    Didn’t work

    Posted by Tina (Western Australia) on 13th Oct 2020

    I used the product day and night for 2 months and it hasn’t worked . Response: 2 months should be enough to see results. Please contact us on for assistance.

  • 5
    Cleared within days

    Posted by CP (New Zealand) on 13th Oct 2020

    My son had been battling with these spots for a year, Mollenol cleared them up within days!

  • 5

    Posted by Lori (New Zealand) on 21st Sep 2020

    This product does what it says it will do! My 5-year-old had been dealing with Molluscum for over 5 months. We had been to the doctor and were told it was just a viral thing that she would have for the next 12 - 18 months! Being of a more 'natural mindset' I googled this product. I read the review and thought what have I got to lose?It took a wee while to arrive, (as I'm in New Zealand), however after using this product for just over 2 weeks - my daughter went from 47 bumps to 4! It was amazing - they just kept disappearing. I highly recommend this product to any family dealing with mollusum!!! AAAA+++

  • 5

    Posted by Sally (South Australia) on 19th Sep 2020

    My 10yro son had over 50 spots that were rapidly spreading and so itchy and unsightly. On his torso, chest, upper thighs, down one arm. We used a drop on a cottonbud morning and night covering some with bandaids for about 4weeks. It was hard on him, but it worked! They dried up and he is now free of them leading into summer which is fantastic. His confidence is back! We only used half a bottle so a little goes a long way. Totally worth it. Rather than just waiting around until they disappeared on their own in months or years as the doctor said.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Melanie (Ohio) on 16th Sep 2020

    We had tried several products for my son's molluscum with minimal success. After dealing with them for around a year, I saw an ad for this product and read so many positive reviews that I decided to try it. Within days his spots were disappearing and within about 2-3 weeks, all of his spots were fully healed and gone. We are a very happy family!! Thank you for a great product that helped when we'd been told by some medical professionals that there was nothing that would help!

  • 5

    Posted by Fay (Alabama) on 21st Aug 2020

    Noticeable improvement-Want to reorder another bottle now

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Chloe (Victoria) on 19th Aug 2020

    I brought this for my 5 year old son who had been suffering for months. This product (being applied daily) cleared him up on 2 weeks. I will definitely be recommending this product to friends.

  • 5
    Results within days

    Posted by Rebecca (Victoria) on 12th Aug 2020

    We tried everything and my daughter legs and back were out of control with pussy looking pimples with little pus coming out. It was really sad to see and becoming embarrassing for her. As soon as we used this product we had immediate results. Within days things started looking better.

  • 2
    Not very effective.

    Posted by Becky (Seaforth) on 6th Aug 2020

    This product was not very effective. I applied it twice a day for weeks with no results. Response: Please contact our team for assistance. You will be able to get better results with our help.

  • 5

    Posted by Kristy (Queensland) on 2nd Aug 2020

    Absolutely my saviour! My little girl was suffering terribly and drs just said there's nothing we can do etc. I found this miracle stuff online and within 5 weeks Ll gone the best stuff ever! THANK YOU!

  • 5

    Posted by Rhonda W (New Zealand) on 28th Jul 2020

    Very pleased with the quick result my son had using Mollenol. A friend also bought a bottle who is just as pleased with the result. Will be keeping a bottle handy. Recommend

  • 5

    Posted by Melissa (San Antonio) on 27th Jul 2020

    This stuff works! My son has an immune deficiency disorder that makes him susceptible to certain infections. He has been struggling with this virus for over a year. The doctor said it would go away eventually, but it actually spread over the last few months. He went from having a few bumps on his legs to having them all over his knees, elbows, back of his arms, and tops of his feet. Within a week of daily applications of the sensitive version of this product, all areas completely cleared. No stinging, burning or irritation. His only complaint is the smell, which to me smells like Licorice. He was embarrassed to wear shorts before using this because the outbreaks were so bad. I’m so happy I found something that works. I wish I had taken pictures of the results .Excellent product for this condition, would highly recommend.

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