Pus filled infection

Pus filled infection

Use of guaze and bandage to treat large scale, extensive and mature molluscum infection. 

Parent describes her reaction using Mollenol

"Oh my goodness. This product is absolutely amazing. My 23mth old son was diagnosed with Molluscum Contagisum on the 6th January 2018. With honestly at least 500 covering his arms, hands, legs and feet.

Drs had thought he had Hand foot and mouth on the 22nd December 2017 and when it didn’t start disappearing or improving I took him back.

Now after treating him now for only 10days it looks to be all gone. Yes I am aware that he may get a few more spots in the coming weeks due to incubation but the dr today (15.01.18) was gobsmacked and said it may be completely gone. He took the name of this product to tell other parents he was amazed as my son had such a sever case.

Thank you so much. I was so stressed due to the length of time this virus is suppose to take to heal. We will continue to use this product on him as spots may arise but at this moment he has NONE. Seriously NONE. I wish I could add 2 photos to show you before and after shots of his legs and arms.

I send all my love to parents how have to deal with this. Please try it.

How I used the product- liberally covered all spots then wrapped the spots with gauze and bandages twice a day. No baths. Bought cotton toddler gloves for hands."

16th Jun 2022 Mollenol help desk

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