Slight inflammation generally a good sign

Slight inflammation generally a good sign

The inflammation around the molluscum is very slight. It appears to be an immune response to the application of Mollenol with inflammation around the molluscum infected areas.

The surrounding bumps are not all beginning molluscum as such. They appear to be molluscum dermatitis. Note that they appear “scaly” and a bit shiny.


If molluscum is not treated quickly it can become widespread covering large sections of the body with many lesions in various stages of growth. The best approach is to treat the worst infected areas first, working through the infection day by day. It is vital to improve general hygiene, use towels only once, use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry skin, and cover pus headed molluscum. An apple cider vinegar rinse can be helpful when molluscum infection is widespread. Rinse over infected skin with apple cider vinegar daily, shower, pat dry with one or more towels, use a hair dryer on skin, apply Mollenol.

Molluscum can become extensive and spread over the body


Molluscum incubates over a period of 2-8 weeks and then appears as small bumps which grow and develop. Any new outbreaks of molluscum are due to contact with the virus (pus) several weeks earlier. This contact could have been with the initial source of the infection or self (cross) infection from existing bumps. Mollenol often “irritates” hard to see pre-existing beginning stage bumps and exposes them. This is desirable as it shows the full extent of the infection and is the beginning of the healing process. Areas of the body which did not show molluscum infection when you started treatment with Mollenol may have been infected already and new molluscum bumps may appear after treatment commences.


Molluscum bumps should inflame and so may the surrounding skin, especially under bandaids. Inflammation of molluscum is generally regarded as a positive sign (on the proviso they have not been pierced or scratched). Inflammation is considered a prelude to resolution of the specific molluscum bump.

1st Oct 2022 Mollenol for Molluscum

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