Extensive molluscum infection on the back - Mollenol for Molluscum Contagiosum
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Extensive molluscum infection on the back

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Case Study: 7 year old boy with extensive molluscum on his back.

Advice: while good progress has been made it has taken a little time and there is still some time to go.

Molluscum infection before treatmentConcentrate on the largest molluscum bumps.

Wash over the child's back with apple cider vinegar before showering. Leave the ACV on for a few minutes.

After shower, pat dry area with a separate towel (use only once and wash it).

Use a blow dryer to thoroughly dry the infected area.

Then apply a little Mollenol just to the head of all biggest bumps (not the surrounding skin). You could dab a little, wait, dab a little more as described previously. Put a good quality, large waterproof bandage over it. Leave for 24 hours. Repeat.

The red inflamed bumps in the last photo are dying off. You can either not treat them at all or just cover them with a bandaid with no Mollenol.

Focus in on these last stubborn bumps. Try and keep them covered and treated for several days. They should inflame in 1-4 days.

Once these larger ones are killed off you will still need to be vigilant checking daily for a while for new bumps.

Molluscum infection after 1 week treatment with Mollenol

Don't under estimate the importance of the apple cider vinegar wash over. It really helps stop the spread of molluscum, and stunts beginning stage tiny molluscum bumps.

Use the apple cider vinegar regularly thereafter and Mollenol to kill off new ones (always best with a bandaid).

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